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Loretta and the Chocolate Factory: A Wholistic Nutrition Program (WNP) student’s journey into the rich world of the Portland chocolate scene. (Loretta shown at right enjoying a solid chocolate bunny!)

As part of the Wholistic Nutrition Program, students have the opportunity to explore and research a wide variety of nutrition related topics, which they in turn present in the form of a paper, project or article. Recently one of our current WNP students, Loretta Orosz, completed a research paper on chocolate, a food (yes!) near and dear to many of us.

A delicious topic in general, we thought Loretta’s paper was particularly edifying and we wanted to share. (Thanks, Loretta!)

Did you know –

  • that (real) chocolate is fermented and aged like fine wine?
  • that Portland is home to a number of fine chocolate establishments?
  • that cacao is packed with antioxidants; phytochemicals, polyphenols, catechins (also found in tea), and flavanols? 

To read more about this and more, check out Loretta’s paper in its entirety here.


We love watching our students grow as they explore the realm of wholistic nutrition. From learning about chocolate as a whole food to developing nutritional plans for people with serious health issues, our students benefit from all of their classroom experiences as they develop the requisite skills and knowledge to become a first rate practitioner.

The next Wholistic Nutrition Program starts March 4th. There’s still time to apply. For more information about the program or to download application materials, check out the program page on our website. The next (and last one before the program starts!) info session is Thursday, February 9th at 5:30pm. Please call to RSVP – 503.688.1482.


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