Women's Wellness – Interview with Rylen Feeney

Women's Wellness With RF

As part of the Wholistic Living Series, Rylen will be teaching three Women’s Wellness Classes in May. Classes are $45 each or take all three classes for $20 off ($115 for all three).

We sat down with Rylen to learn more about these classes. Read on for the Q & A!

Q: What inspired you to teach the Women’s Wellness Series?

Women’s health is always relevant. These are topics I get asked about all the time. I’ve been teaching classes on these topics since 1995 and women’s health has been part of my practice for 27 years. I’ve learned a lot though my clients. I’ve watched wonderful women manage these conditions, move through these phases, and witnessed their experiences as they’ve implemented recommendations.

I have a passion for teaching younger women about healthy menstruation, empowering them to know more about their cycles and their bodies. When it comes to Fibroids, Endometriosis, & PCOS, I’ve had a lot of success treating these conditions over the years. Many women are largely mis-informed about their condition and don’t realize they have options. My goal is to provide women with simple ideas they can implement and changes they can make that have a large impact on their conditions.

As for Peri/Menopause, I’m in it and I’ve watched many women move through it. It’s still a little shocking, even knowing a lot about it prior to experiencing it. In addition to being informed, it’s great for women to know they’re not alone. Everyone experiences this phase differently. I want to help make that transition a little easier.


Q. What do you hope women will take away from the classes in this series?

In short, empowerment and knowledge. Hormones are amazingly powerful. Many women often feel powerless in the face of those hormones and I want to change that. As women, we’re stronger and more effective when we’re not victimized by our hormones.


Q. Who can/should take the classes?

Women! These classes are designed for every woman. Each class is full of simple and accessible remedies that can facilitate healthy cycles and help women manage challenging conditions and phases. Practitioners are welcome to attend too if they’re looking for more ideas to share with clients!

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